• shutterstock_389419858 (1)Lighten your guest list. 40-50% of you wedding budget will be spent to wine and dine your guest. Keep in mind, it’s your celebration and you should have people around you that mean the most to you. Don’t feel obligated to invite every acquaintance, co-workers or plus ones.  If you think, will these guest still mean something to me 10- 20 years from now? Will you even remember their names? Prioritized you guest list by Immediate family members, close friends, extended family members such as uncles, aunts, cousins and casual friends
  • Repurpose decorations

Use the florals and other decorations from the ceremony to add to your reception decorations. Ask your wedding planner team to transfer them.

  • Friday or Sunday Wedding

Often you can get a discount from venues and other vendors if your wedding is on Friday or Sunday when they are not as busy.

  • Credit wedding budget

Why not use a credit card that racks up points? You have a budget anyway and know what you can spend. Use your set aside card to pay for your wedding related products and services then pay off your credit card. You can use the points for travel. Why not use it for your honeymoon and save some money.

  • Thanks to family and friends

Use your rehearsal dinner to spend time with your family and friends and to thank them for their part in helping you with your wedding or just for what they mean to you. At the wedding you will need to speak to everyone and you may not have time to express your gratitude them.

  • Don’t forget to eat on your wedding day

On your wedding day you will be so busy that you might not think about eating. It’s important to eat a good breakfast and have a light lunch. Remember to drink a lot of water. Ask your wedding planner, your honor attendant or your mom to help you remember. You don’t want to feel faint because your blood sugar drops too low. Often you will be too busy speaking with people, dancing and all the fun formalities that go on at the reception that you won’t have time to eat. Ask your wedding planner or wait staff to box up food from the reception to take with you. You can eat when you get to your room.

  • Breathe

You have spent months planning. Now your big day is here. First, you should have hired a certified planner by now. Relay all your wishes to the planner and let her handle it from here. Now relax, enjoy your day. If you have a large guest list, it may take a lot of time to get around to speaking to each one. Consider going to each table and speak to all at the table at once. Remember this is yours and your groom’s day. Enjoy each other. Take in the moment. Pause when you walk in to the ceremony and to the reception. Take in your surroundings and all the people that love you and have come to celebrate with you. If it’s not important to either partner to wait for the bride to come down the aisle to see each other, consider a first look. This is where the bride and groom take a few minutes before the ceremony to see each other. This could be a great photo shoot after you had a few minutes alone. Breathe and enjoy your day.

Did I mention that hiring a planner can take the stress of the day off of you? I promise it’s an investment that’s well worth it. Ask any bride that has tried to go it alone.

  • Getting ready on the wedding day

Make a check list of all the items you need to ready for your day. Such as makeup, hair products, gown, under garments, accessories, shoes, meds (if any) and rings. Don’t forget the rings! Rest the night before. You don’t want circles under your eyes because you are tired. Stay hydrated. Wear a button down shirt or a wrap robe while getting ready. You don’t want to mess up hair and makeup by taking off a T-shirt. Weeks before the wedding, wear your wedding shoes around your house to break them in. Bring a pair of flats for the reception and for dancing. Enjoy the process and the pampering. Enjoy those that are helping you get ready. Whether it be your mom, best friend or sister.