YAY! Your special day has finally arrived! By now you have turned over all responsibility over to your wedding planner, right? Your job now is to enjoy your family and friends who love you and are anxious to celebrate with you. Enjoy these next two days. It’s your day … your time to shine… your time to make the happiest memories of your life!

The Day Before

  • Lay out all wardrobe and accessories
  • Give directions to all family members and bridal party members
  • Confirm wedding-day times and locations with all attendants
  • Arrange for a reliable relative or friend to move wedding day gifts for safekeeping after the wedding. Your wedding planner will gather these items to give to the designated person at the end of the reception.
  • Arrange for consultant to hand out payment envelopes
  • Put cell phone, headsets, charger and back up batteries in emergency bag.
  • Set our favors, place cards, post wedding toss-its
  • Set out guest book and pen
  • Take wedding license to rehearsal to give to coordinator
  • Attend rehearsal and dinner- don’t stay out too late
  • Get a good night’s sleep

The Wedding Day

  • Eat and drink- stay hydrated
  • Attend bridal brunch
  • Have hair, make up & nails done
  • Have photos taken at home or place where getting ready
  • Arrange for someone to take suitcases to hotel or in car that you will take to honeymoon
  • Make sure someone has wedding rings. Usually the best man.
  • Make sure someone has car keys
  • Turn over all responsibility to wedding planner and wedding team
  • Relax and enjoy

The Day after the Wedding (This is for parents and friends of the bride and groom)

  • Supervise and ensure all rentals are returned or picked up
  • Have rental tuxes returned
  • Hold after wedding day breakfast for out of town guest and bridal party
  • Transport guest to airport

The newlyweds live happily ever after!